The Association


The Association of Waldorf Educational Centres was established several years ago, it is an organisation which began by incorporating five Spanish teaching initiatives and is now made up of twenty, including schools, nurseries, teacher training centres, etc.

The Association of Waldorf Educational Centres began with the idea of uniting all Waldorf teaching initiatives in Spain and forming an organisation in order to join forces, develop mutual support and co-operation between the various educational institutions in Spain and with the new initiatives which were emerging.

In Spain the association represents this notion of educational change which has been extensively developed and proven in scores of countries throughout the world for almost 90 years.

The Association of Waldorf Educational Centres is affiliated to the Goetheanum Educational Facility (Dornach, Switzerland) and is a full member of the European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education, the International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education and the Alliance for Childhood.


 The association has the following objectives, in accordance with its statutes:

  1. Support the creation, preservation and development of institutions and schools which aim to work with the pedagogical knowledge developed by Rudolf Steiner.
  2. Support the people or groups of people who devote themselves entirely or in part to the activities covered in the aforementioned aim.  

Other objectives:

  • To be a spokesman for associated centres when dealing with the civil service.
  • Co-ordinate Waldorf educational activities which affect the various centres.
  • Promote support activities specific to the centres which request them.
  • Provide legal, administrative and financial advice, personally or by external advisors.
  • Ensure the good name of Waldorf education is maintained by the schools and institutions.
  • Carry out quality control with respect to the current educational standards of the centres.
  • Promote the publication of magazines for members and disseminate Waldorf education by other means of communication.


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